Consulting Boutique

Looking to venture into a career with the top five consulting firms? Or are you looking to start your own consulting boutique?

Embark on the journey of launching your own Consulting Boutique with our comprehensive course, 'Starting a Consulting Boutique from Scratch.' 

Dive deep into the realm of consultancy, beginning with understanding the nuances of a meticulously crafted Technical Proposal. Navigate the intricacies of Financial Proposal Forms required to help you develop the best consulting pricing model, ensuring your consultancy's offerings are both lucrative and market-aligned. Enhance your financial acumen with a detailed overview of crafting compelling financial proposals as well. 

Additionally, acquaint yourself with essential Consulting Terminologies, laying a robust foundation for your consultancy endeavors. With real-world examples and expert insights, this course is the stepping stone you need to turn your consulting dream into a tangible reality.
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3 hours





Who Is The Course For?

The online course is beneficial for aspiring consultants, boutique consulting firm owners, independent consultants, and professionals transitioning into the consulting industry who want to ensure the viability and success of their consulting business by effectively validating their consulting approach, target market, and value proposition.
Aspiring Consultants

Individuals keen on launching their own boutique consulting firm and seeking a structured approach to start, ensuring all foundational elements are in place.

Existing Consultants

Professionals already in the consultancy realm, seeking to refine their approach, upgrade their proposals, and enhance their understanding of industry-specific terminologies to elevate their practice.
Professional Experts

Seasoned professionals in fields like finance, technology, or business who are looking to transition into consultancy, leveraging their years of expertise to offer specialized services.

Entrepreneurial Enthusiasts

Individuals with a strong business acumen who see consultancy as a means to guide startups, businesses, and other enterprises in navigating their challenges and maximizing their potential.
Business Strategists

Those who have a keen eye for identifying market needs and gaps, aiming to provide tailored consultancy services to businesses and individuals.

Learning Objectives: Develop the essential skills and knowledge to validate and establish a thriving boutique consulting firm, covering key areas such as strategy, marketing, client acquisition, and effective consulting methodologies

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What you'll learn:
  • Master the Art of both Technical and Financial Proposal Writing: Learn to craft compelling technical and financial consulting proposals that captivate potential clients, showcasing your expertise and providing clear solutions tailored to their needs.

  • Navigate Consulting Lingo with Confidence: Gain a robust understanding of consulting terminologies, ensuring effective communication with clients, and solidifying your position as a knowledgeable industry expert.
  • Lay a Strong Foundation for Your Consultancy: Dive deep into the essentials of setting up a successful boutique consulting firm, from identifying niche markets to positioning your services effectively, ensuring a profitable and sustainable venture from the outset.

Your Course Plan

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Access to 5 courses: The Growth Mindset, Building your Team, Ideation, Business Model Canvas, and Pitching Ideas and Business Concept
  • Identify and use your personal strength for your advantage
  • Work and collaboarete with us from an empowering member
  • Take your creative process to the next level
  • Bring your ideas to life
  • Develop powerful pitches and pitch your business like a pro


Access to 8 courses: The Growth Mindset, Building your Team, Ideation, Business Model Canvas, Pitching Ideas and Business Concept, Your Competition, Understanding Costs Financial Modeling, and Beginning to understand Your Customers
  • Identify and use your personal strength for your advantage
  • Take your creative process to the next level
  • Bring your ideas to life and understand your competitive landscape
  • Develop a robust startup capital plan and strategy
  • Develop powerful pitches and pitch your business like a pro


Access to all courses
  • Identify and use your personal strength for your advantage and collaborate like a pro
  • Take your creative process to the next level, as you bring your ideas to life through a competitive landscape
  • Develop a robust startup capital plan and strategy for finaning your venture
  • Learn how to build a consulting business for your expertise/passion
  • Develop powerful pitches and pitch your business like a pro

Your Lead Instructor

Norman Musengimana

Founding Director at BizSkills For Good Inc.

I have a unique background that has taken me from Rwanda to Kenya, to study in the United Kingdom and Canada. I pursued my passion for innovation and entrepreneurship, earning a Master’s degree in Leading Innovation and Change and a Master of Management in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. My love for helping others achieve their goals has driven me to volunteer and travel the world, visiting over 20 countries and working on social innovation and entrepreneurship projects.
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Frequently Asked Questions

What's Unique About This Course?

"Our course meticulously decodes the intricate world of consulting for someone who wants to dive in as a consultant or as a startups, emphasizing the pivotal role of well-constructed proposals in winning clients. Moving beyond generic advice, we deep dive into both technical and financial consulting proposals, paired with a clear understanding of industry terminologies. With hands-on examples and real-world applications, our offering stands as a beacon for those looking to set up their own boutique consulting firm, distinguishing our course from conventional consultancy courses."

Is This Course Suitable for Me?

"Absolutely! If you're an aspiring consultant aiming to work int he big five consulting firms, or looking to launch your boutique firm, a professional keen on pivoting to consultancy, or someone looking to refine their proposal writing skills, this course has been tailor-made for you. From grasping consulting jargon to crafting compelling proposals that captivate clients, we guide you through every step, ensuring you’re well-prepared to make a mark in the consulting realm."

What's the Course Format?

"The course blends video lectures, interactive exercises, and supplementary readings for a comprehensive learning experience."

Are There Real-Life Applications?

"Absolutely! We emphasize practical strategies, peppered with real-world examples, ensuring you can readily apply your learnings."

How Long Will It Take to Complete?

"The course spans 4 hours, with a recommended commitment of as much time as you want everytime you have an opportunity to do it. It is self-paced."

Is There Post-Course Support or Community?

"Yes, we offer an active online forum where learners can share insights, ask questions, and network."

What Qualifications Does the Instructor Have?

"Our instructor is a seasoned entrepreneur with over 20 years in the field, coupled with an academic background in entrepreneurship and innovation. He is a seasoned social entrepreneur who has launched multiple ventures himself and worked in more than 20 teams, three different continents and in over 6 countries around the world."

Are There Assignments or Assessments?

"Yes, we provide end of course quizzes which are carefully integrated in the courses to enhance understanding and application."

Do I Get a Certificate Upon Completion?

"Certainly! Successful course completion earns you a certificate to showcase your expertise."

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